WWOOF, WorkAway, helpx and helpstay on Tenerife

WWOOF, Workaway, helpX and other exchange platforms are a great idea, if you want to travel cheaply. The deal behind it is simple. You travel at your own expense to a host of your choice, support this host in his or her work and receive free board and lodging in return. This reduces your holiday costs enormously and allows you to take a very long break.

However, it is not only the low costs that invite you to a work exchange, but a whole series of arguments:

  • You don’t stay in a tourist hotel, but with the family of a local.
  • You get a lot of information about the country and its people that normal tourists will never get.
  • You enjoy local, home-made food and not just typical tourist food.
  • You get an insight into the work of your host and learn many new things.
  • There are usually several volunteers with one host. You immediately connect with like-minded people.

Volunteering is a good deal for you

Volunteering is a good deal for you, even if you don’t get paid directly for your work. There are hosts that are very far away and accommodation is usually cheap there. On the other hand, there are hosts in sought-after holiday regions, e.g. on the Canary Islands. Accommodation there is often really expensive and if you get the opportunity to volunteer there, you are a lucky man. Because most of the time, these hosts rent out their accommodation to tourists at a lucrative rate.


Exchange platforms at a glance

In principle, work exchange platforms are based on the same principle, but they differ in subtleties. The well-known names among the platforms are Workaway, WWOOF, helpX, volontouring and others. There is always a database in which the hosts register on the one hand and the volunteers on the other. Most platforms are fee-based. Some are very service-oriented, other platforms like Workaway can hardly be surpassed in arrogance.


WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms) is an international network of organic or ecologically managed farms, ranches or fincas (host) and people (WWOOFers) who are interested in a cultural exchange or exchange of experiences in organic farming. WWOOFers can work and gain experience on such a farm for a limited period of time.

helpX and workaway refers to general help on a farm, youth hostels, hostels, lodges, sailboats etc. and can also be arranged for longer periods.

In all forms of volunteer work, the main point is that no employment relationship is created according to the laws of the respective country. For example, independent, month-long, all-day cleaning and bedding of rooms in a hotel is more likely to be considered an employment relationship subject to social security contributions. On the other hand, occasional feeding of chickens, weeding, etc. during a stay of e.g. 14 days is to be regarded as unpaid volunteering within the framework of WWOOF, WorkAway or another program for volunteers.


WWOOf specialised in organic farms, but is rather inconvenient for worldwide travellers, as almost every country maintains its own platform, for each of which a new membership has to be paid. With Workaway, a worldwide exchange is possible with only one membership, but the service is poor and can hardly be surpassed in arrogance when problems arise.
Volunteering without an exchange platform

Many hosts today have their own internet presences and if you enter the right search terms, you will find plenty of choice.









Volunteering opportunity Tenerife: WWOOF, WorkAway, helpX, Volunteering Tenerife. But besides that there are also helpstay, workntravel, work and travel and others. And everything is possible at Finca la Castaña in Tenerife. WWOOF Spain in one of the most beautiful destinations. But what does WWOOF, workaway, helpX and helpstay actually mean? All forms have in common, like the original „Work and Travel“, that the respective volunteers are offered free board and lodging in exchange for help, but the focus is on cultural exchange and learning.



WWOOF, WorkAway, HelpX Volunteering Tenerife: free lists of hosts in Spain

These and similar questions are often asked. To be able to contact all hosts, a membership at www.wwwoof.es is required. If you want to apply as a volunteer on our finca, it is enough to contact us via our contact form. But you can also inform yourself about volunteering at our finca here first.

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  • Volunteering in Tenerife
  • WorkAway in Tenerife
  • Internship in Tenerife
  • Erasmus Tenerife
  • List of participating farms in Spain


Volunteering opportunity Tenerife | WWOOF - WorkAway

Volunteering opportunity Tenerife

Picture: WWOOF, WorkAway, HelpX, Volunteering Tenerife – Volunteering opportunities in Tenerife

WWOOF, WorkAway, HelpX, Volunteering Tenerife

WWOOF, WorkAway, HelpX in Tenerife means volunteering at one of the most sought-after destinations in Spain. Finca la Castaña is located in the north of Tenerife at an altitude of about 500 meters and is exclusively self-sufficient. The finca is run according to ecological criteria, but not commercially.

  • Finca for self-sufficiency
  • Ecological cultivation
  • Permaculture / Tropical Foodforest
  • Many years of experience
  • Only a few minutes to La Orotava
  • Attractive accommodation for volunteers
  • living off-grid in Tenerife
  • Quality management
  • References



WWOOF, WorkAway, HelpX Tenerife

WWOOFing in Spain in the Canary Islands is a very special highlight. Because it means at one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in Europe in the subtropical climate to gain experience in organic farming or organic farming experience. Permaculture Tenerife: In our permaculture you can get involved in building a tropical food forest, planting, tending and harvesting vegetables.

Hiking in the snow in the morning and swimming in the sea in the afternoon is only possible in very few places worldwide. The Canary Islands offer to shorten the winter in Middle-Europe and spend it in the sunny south. WWOOFing in Tenerife – WWOOFing Tenerife.



WWOOFing at Finca la Castaña, Tenerife

So far only a few farms have decided to offer WWOOF or volunteering in general on Tenerife. One of the few providers of WWOOF in Tenerife is Finca la Castaña, our fruit finca in the green north of Tenerife. The finca was just rebuilt in 2013 and is run according to organic principles.

The construction phase is largely completed and WWOOFers have here the opportunity to experience life on a finca in the immediate vicinity of La Orotava and Puerto de la Cruz. To deal with organic farming, permaculture on Tenerife, self-sufficiency, healthy eating and the many things that are part of the daily work on a finca.

In the orchard of the finca are cultivated about 100 different varieties of fruit, many well-known and also lesser-known vegetable and herb garden. Permaculture on the finca is currently developing into a special highlight. Permaculture Tenerife.

For more information on WWOOF at Finca la Castaña, see WWOOF Tenerife. WWOOFing in Spain. Volunteering Canary Islands. Volunteering Tenerife.


Our Finca is constantly under construction and maintenance so we are looking for someone willing to collaborate in building projects as renovating the external kitchen, placing floors, paintings, building walls etc.
We have almost one hectare of land and we need help with gardening general things as watering, cutting, planting, weeding and cleaning common areas. Sometimes we could need help in cleaning visitor’s bungalow for our family and friends. Anyway Workawayers won’t be helping with tasks related to any business activities.

Our four lovely dogs are residents with us and they need cares such as feeding, brushing and well…collecting and throwing their poop!

A well educated persons, with a good sense of humor, without severe life problems, who contributes to a positive atmosphere is important for us. We only want responsable people willing to help on a collaborative way. Moderate alcohol, no drugs.



volunteering tenerife permaculture


Volunteering opportunity Tenerife

Are you interested in gaining practical experience in organic farming on a Finca? We live on Tenerife as self-suppliers and are happy to host volunteers on our finca.


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We have installed most off-the-grid systems (solar electricity/solar hot water/biogas/drink water filter/solar cooking..)